Eberron Incursion

Into the Crypt

Into the Crypt

…… so that we could enter with light shining the way. Runyasar noted a trail nearby and decided it might be worthwhile to check it out using her stealthy ranger-like ways. Scrawl intended to study the dead remains and to maintain a lookout outside the Crypt. This would also allow him to wait for Runyasar to return, at which point they would come join us if we weren’t out by then.

As we entered though we realized that this was not what we expected. The scene before us was ghastly. All about the room were scattered bones. In the center of the decently sized room laid a few dead corpses. They were from the village. Their packs, strewn nearby their bodies, held some more pints of oil, torches, a few days ration of food, and a couple of smokesticks. I gathered it all, thinking it might come in handy later on. With my skill in alchemy, I was particularly interested in the smokesticks. Perhaps I’ll give one to Milo, the rather touchy halfling rogue. That one was a sneaky sort. A good thing for a rogue to be.

As we stood there about the room, the bones about us began to move. Up around us rose six no-so-dead skeletons approaching us menacingly. Several of them struck out at us but they were rather inaccurate. I struck one with an Energy Missile of Fire and it blew apart, the bones falling and crumbling about the ground. Lillian stuck out at one, scoring a hit but didn’t seem to halt the skeleton much.

The battle continued, several of the skeletons attempting to overcome Aiden. Luckily, they weren’t too successful. While they attempted to strike him, Aiden took one of them down. Milo however had less luck as his rapier went right between the bones. I struck out with a Ray of Frost but stunningly, it did no damage. The skeletons must be resistant to cold damage. I’ll remember that from now on. A good lesson learned.

Lillian continued to strike the skeleton opposing her and slowly whittled it away. Elf attempted to strike one of the skeletons with the end of his scythe, like a quarterstaff, but barely missed. Aiden struck another skeleton down, though he took a hit meanwhile. Milo also got hit, and quite a solid hit it was. But the determined halfling didn’t back down. Though he often acted sneaky and shy, he was rather brave.

We had taken out several of the skeletons now, as Lillian just brought down the one nearest her with the swift stroke of her longsword. Wishing to conserve my spell power, I drew Ky’ceen and struck out at a nearby skeleton but missed. The others brought down another skeleton as I finally landed a good hit upon the skeleton and watched it collapse at my feet. At this point, Aiden went around and smashed the remained intact skulls strewn about the room, with the exception of Elf’s skull which he had acquired outside the Crypt. After this, without the noise of battle, we could clearly hear the sound of wailing coming from somewhere about the crypt. The eerie sound was quite unnerving. Hopefully it was a survivor. If not… well hopefully it was a survivor.

We turned left and found ourselves in something of a maze. Treading carefully we began to move about the large room. Ahead, Milo took a step and triggered a pit trap. Falling, he landed on some well-placed pillows, though he still took a small bruising. Luckily Milo became quite useful and quickly learned how to disable the traps. As he worked he found a bag, inside of which was a note as well as a single platinum piece for each of us. The note essentially told us we had to pull three levers hidden about the room, which we had already found and quickly pulled. Notably and not so surprisingly, Milo pocketed Scrawl and Runyasar’s pieces “for safe keeping.” I wonder if they will ever see those pieces?

Continuing on, we headed towards the wailing. We found the room from which the wailing was coming. Aiden spoke out, he might be the best leader we have. I am not one to take command of the lives of others, though I don’t mind sharing my advice. The voice quieted and we heard nothing. Aiden recognized it as a villager. With much coaxing, we managed to make it inside the room where we found a nice command post of sorts from which to explore the rest of the crypt.

Speaking with the villager, we discovered he and his sister were the only ones left alive. They had come, we realized, to make a fun, exciting sort of adventure for us. They found instead only death. He also mentioned that there was a talking skeleton, different from the others, who took his sister. Other than that, he was mostly incoherent. We decided to stay here and rest. There were some good supplies here, including some rations, two bulls-eye lanterns, three light cures, more torches, and of course bedding and such. I dropped of the pints of oil beside the lanterns, figuring that someone else might take them. We ate and rested, recuperated, and prepared for the next day.

- from the Journal of Galadriel Ly’istrel


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