Eberron Incursion


Day One

With the close of the Last War, our small village, meaning the mayor, has decided that it is time to relight the eternal flame of the village. We, meaning myself and the other would-be adventurers, must therefore take the eternal torch and relight it from the flame which lies in the Crypt several days journey outside the village. Ironically, this seems to be about the time of reelection for the mayor.

The village made a great deal about the whole endeavor, perhaps in hopes of livening up the spirits which had been dead for the past many decades. The others in the party seem rather reserved about the whole endeavor. We have a rather interesting group. Three elves, a half-elf, a halfling, a single human, and a very straight-forward, somewhat simple warforged.

We began our journey out and traveled without much discussion and in general the party was rather quiet. As many of them have seen less than forty cycles of the seasons, it stands to reason they have seen very little in the way of travel.

As we made our way down the path, we were ambushed by six snarling, savage looking orcs. Each one held a javelin in its hand and had a great axe strapped at its waist. Myself, Aiden, and Runyasar each attempted to strike them at range with our weapons but each failed. The others moved into position, hoping to gain some advantage. The orcs returned fire, hurling their javelins, several of them striking us, myself included.

I managed to strike one of them with an energy missile of biting cold. The orc howled in pain but staggered on. We managed to bring another down. The orcs charged and knocked Scrawl unconscious. Later, they did the same to Aiden. We took some more down without much difficulty. As they became engaged in melee with the others, I stepped back and continued to strike them with Rays of Frost. Eventually, we brought the last one down.

At this moment, I smelt the faint odor of Holgast’s pipe smoke and felt the sensation that he was laughing. Looking around, we noted that the orcs were gone and Aiden and Scrawl were up and unharmed. How infuriating!

We continued on with little difficulty. Runyasar found us a good place to camp and we settled in for the night. Sometime later on, we heard the distant howl of wolves. The howls continued, growing closer over time and though a few of us spotted them at times, they kept their distance.

Day Two

We crossed paths with a corpse today. It was not bothered by scavengers, which seemed strange till someone said something about poison. Elf quickly took the loot that was found for himself, finding a masterwork shortsword and some 87gps, which he split with Aiden. I felt slightly irritated that he failed to share with everyone. Finder’s keepers seems a poor way to do things, especially for an elf. I think we must be a team and use teamwork, else how can we trust our lives to each other? Besides, we each have need of money and loot. He at least could have shared a bit with a fellow elf. I often wonder just how strong Elf and Aiden’s connection is together. As for the corpse though, I must wonder what he was doing all the way out here? He clearly wasn’t from around here and the coins from Aundair, brand new coins, are certainly alarming. Not sure what it means, but it is most likely not good for us. I hate to see a poor Aundairian left like this. I hope he did not die badly. It was good thinking of Scrawl to take the head, though it is slightly undignified for an Aundairian. I shall do my best to make sure we do get that head back to the family.

As we approached the gorge which led to the Crypt, it began to rain. The way down was steep so we attempted to lower everyone down by a rope. We sent Scrawl first, so that he wouldn’t crush any of us on the way down. He had… some difficulty. He slipped and fell and took quite a fall. Lilian also had some trouble. We made it however.

As we drew closer to the Crypt I noticed a depiction of a Silver Flame. At this point I became rather unhappy, but I held in my feelings, as we had to continue on. Coming closer, we saw several corpses, which happened to be of some horses and ponies. They were fresh. We found some pints of oil, among other useless things, and took them for our own. Scrawl cast a light spell on some pebbles and tossed them into the entrance of the Crypt……… To be continued

- from the Journal of Galadriel Ly’istrel


Xorial Belisarius07

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