Current Tasks

These are the tasks which we are currently undertaking:

Quest of the Everflame

  • Reach the Crypt of Kassen with the Everflame Torch – Finished
  • Discover what has happened within the Crypt – Finished
  • Find and Rescue Roldare’s sister from the “talking skeleton” – Finished

Pieces of the Sky

  • Find out what fell from the Sky – Finished
  • Eliminate the Bandits harassing Oleg – Finished
  • Retrieve the Kobold’s Statue – Finished
  • Kill the Bandits in the Fort and retrieve the Object – Finished
  • Return with the Object to Oleg’s Trading Post – Finished

The Dragon Temple

  • Reach the Temple – Finished
  • Find the Artifacts – Finished
  • Bring the Artifacts back to the Wayfinder – Finished

The Search for Answers

  • Find out how the Explorer survived
  • Take the pirate ship – Finished
  • Rescure the Artificer

Current Tasks

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