Crypt of Kassen

Crypt of kassen

When established in the year 811 YK by former adventurer Ekat Kassen, the settlement that would become known simply as Kassen was named Kassen’s Hold. Located where it was on the river, Kassen’s Hold became a stopover for those traveling through the Eldeen Reaches.

Death of Ekat Kassen
In 824 YK a man by the name of Asar Vergas arrived in Kassen’s Hold. Claiming to be a former adventuring companion of the town’s founder, he felt Kassen had cheated him before they had parted ways. Vergas and a group of mercenaries raided the settlement for a period of two months before their camp was located. Kassen mounted an attack on the raider’s stronghold, slaying Vergas and scattering the mercenaries before succumbing to wounds received during the fighting. Those killed on both sides were buried in the crypt that served as the site of the battle.

Crypt of the Everflame
In the year 998 YK looters entered the tomb housing the remains of Ekat Kassen and those that died in his fateful battle with Asar Vergas, their actions resulting in the animation of the remains housed within. The event remained undetected until villagers partaking in the rite of passage known as the Quest of the Everflame journeyed to the crypt and, ultimately, returned the restless dead to inactivity.1

Crypt of Kassen

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