Eberron Incursion

Oleg's Trading Post

Oleg’s Trading Post

We set out from Kassen and headed to an outpost which would constitute the last citadel of
civilization for the party. It took us several days to reach the Trading Post. Myself, Aiden, Elf, and Hammer were making our way ahead of the others who were traveling with a small band of Militia roused up to try and deal with a growing bandit problem. We managed to arrive at Oleg’s place without any difficulty however.

It wasn’t much, but it was certainly better than the tents we had been sleeping in. And the food was better than what Aiden passed off as “rabbit”. I’m not sure where he acquired that thing, but I’m really not sure that it was ever a rabbit.

Oleg greeted us well and after we were refreshed he told us about the object falling out of the sky. It was as big as a house he said, much larger than any shards he had seen fall from the sky. He also told us just how bad the bandit problem was. The bandits had become fairly well-organized and they regularly came and shook down Oleg for tribute. He said they would be here tomorrow. Aiden offered to speak with the bandit’s and so in essence we volunteered to fight them off. We made some purchases in the evening and readied ourselves for tomorrow.

The following day we knew the bandits were heading our way from the cloud of just rising over the way. Elf and myself took up positions on the second floor looking out through windows. Aiden and Hammer set themselves outside where they could get close to them. As the bandits rode in on their horses we noted that there were five of them, but hopefully our surprise would equal out the odds. Aiden simply told them to leave to which the leader of the group said, “Kill’em.”

With this Elf and myself let loose our bolts. Elf struck the far bandit on the right, who fell off his saddle with an arrow in his throat. One of my bolts whizzed past the bandits head but the second struck him in the shoulder. He also fell out of his saddle. Aiden rushed up and slashed at bandit to the boss’s left, but the thug parried his blow. Hammer strode up to the man to the leader’s right and swung his hammer taking the man right out of his saddle.

By this time I was able to bring my now reloaded crossbow to bear on the fellow Aiden was fighting with rather unsuccessfully. The bandit’s height advantage was putting Aiden in an awkward position. The bolt struck him squarely in the back, at which point he slumped forward. Aiden then raced over to the leader who really wasn’t too sure of what to do, the panic etched across his grizzled face.

Hammer meanwhile had finished off his opponent and was also heading towards the leader. A bolt from Elf sent the man’s horse rearing up and nearly knocking him off. Aiden took the opportunity to pull the bandit out of his saddle. At this point the battle was essentially over. The other bandits were either dead or were bleeding out from their wounds. Hammer went and put them out of their misery. Walking over to the restrained bandit, Elf reached out and touched the man. The bandit relaxed visibly and the snarl was replaced with a smile. “Ask him what you want. He will cooperate for the time being. We’re friends.” Elf smirked and walked over to one of the dead bandits and picked up a dagger which he began examining intently. It bothers me somewhat that he manipulated the bandits mind. Even if the fellow is bad, there is no call for mind control.

The bandit told us that he was a lieutenant within the bandit group and showed us his golden amulet which showed his rank. The bandits were separated into several groups commanded by individual leaders. He didn’t know the real leader of the bandits; he reported to a superior in a nearby camp which he described.

He went on and told us everything else he knew, which actually wasn’t much else. It was decided that we would wait here for the rest of our group and so that the militia could take care of the prisoner. We took the bandits gear and sold the unwanted items to Oleg. We also kept the horses that the bandits no longer needed. Elf kept the daggers and actually bought a couple from Oleg. I’m not sure what that crazy fellow is up to. He certainly has his oddities.

- from the Journal of Galadriel Ly’istrel


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