Eberron Incursion

Exploring the Crypt

Exploring the Crypt

The next morning, or at least what we assumed to be morning, we were greeted by a very quite half-elf ranger who told us that Scrawl and Runyasar had taken off following what Runyasar thought was a trail heading off from the Crypt. Robert, whom we called Bob, crossed paths with Runyasar and decided to come and tell us of her progress. We then gathered our gear and shouldered our weapons as we left the safety of the barricaded room. From there we headed to the left and finding an unexplored door, Aiden took the liberty of grabbing Milo and, upon opening the door, tossed a rather unhappy and quite surprised Milo into the room. There he found some sort of shadow thing which blurred past him and hit him which seemed to sap some of his strength. Adien rushed in and tried to rescue Milo as we attempted to halt the attacker. I launched a fire spell at it, which seemed to stun it only temporarily for it blurred on somewhere else in the room. We quickly turned around and ran.

We moved on then to the next room in which Aiden again decided to use Milo as bait. As Milo was tossed into the room he was greeted by three fire-beetles who began buzzing in a strange bug language. Needless to say, the now cursing Milo was less than pleased with Aiden.

Aiden, Lillian, and Bob immediately charged in and tried to help Milo who was struggling to fend off one of the fire-beetles. Elf and myself took cover behind them and lent them support. As Lily’s blade slid of the hard carapace of one of the beetles, Aiden landed a hit on another one cracking its shell somewhat. Having drawn my light crossbows, I let fly the two bolts at the bug across from Aiden. One of the bolts struck the crack of the fire-beetle and it screeched loudly before falling dead. Milo managed to get out away from the other fire-beetle and Aiden struck it with his mace, leaving it barely crawling along. Lillian also struck the fire-beetle opposing her. Elf, who was unable to telepathically attack the beetles, finished off the one fighting Aiden. Bob then finished the one fighting Lillian. We found the mutilated body of a villager whom we couldn’t identify in the room but nothing else.

We tried to continue on but the door at the other end was not even made to open in that direction and we couldn’t proceed. So we turned around and headed back to the main entrance where we headed across the room into the unexplored section of the Crypt. Entering the room, we noted a large pool of water in the middle of the room fed by a weeping angel holding the body of what we took to be the fallen hero in her arms. We were unsure due to the fact that the statue’s head had been ripped off and one could tell that the destruction had been done in a particularly angry manner. As we looked upon this, a deep voice spoke from somewhere that “Magic is the Key”. We looked around and found nothing but the pool of water. Aiden, who has steadily become our unofficial leader, walked over and looked into the pool. Dropping Elf’s strange crystal thing, apparently it was called Sneaky, into the water by way of rope, we determined the pool’s depth to be about 40 feet deep. At the bottom were countless shining objects.

At this point Aiden dropped his gear and dove down and after a short timed returned with an armload of keys. There were all sorts of keys. Aiden said there were something over a thousand of them down there. As we discussed I picked out a few that I found interesting and pocketed them. Milo had been wandering about and, curiosity getting the best of him, tried to open the next door but couldn’t. We were stuck then. After some small discussion, I cast Detect Magic which allowed me to find the needed key which I dove down and retrieved. Donning my pack again, we determined which of the two doors to open and, after using the key, proceeded into the room.

There we found a small bench facing a large portrait of the battle and centered upon the hero of the Crypt. Several of us noted that the two individuals wore some strange necklaces with some sort of image on them. We made a note of this and continued on. We moved to the next door and, after checking for traps, entered the next room.

We were greeted by a huge pillar in the middle of a circular room with hundreds of arrows protruding out of it as well as the sound of the door behind us slamming shut. Immediately we took off toward the next door as the pillar began to launch its many arrows out all about. There were arrows whizzing past all of us. Luckily, they were padded arrows but still we did our best to avoid them. We all got hit and I saw Aiden fall before falling unconscious myself from four arrows thudding into me. The last thing I saw as my vision went dim was Milo and Elf desperately working on the door as Lily and and Bob tried to cover them.

I awoke to find Milo tapping me, or rather kicking me, with his boot as the group recovered from the ordeal. Bob had taken the liberty of gathering several unbroken arrows and even gave me some bolts for my crossbow. I stretched and grunted as I felt the painful throb of some new bruises I had acquired. Milo said that from his estimation the room further on down led down to a lower level. So before continuing on we decided to backtrack and explore that last wing on this level.

After making our way back to the room with the pool, I opened the last door and we headed down that way. There we found 8 large statues baring swords in a position that seemed oh to ready to chop down on us. With some investigation we found a pressure plate and Milo and Elf attempted to disarm it. The rest of us took position in safe spots between the statues. Unfortunately, Milo triggered the trap but not before jumping back to safety. Elf, however, was only barely saved as the quick Milo pulled on Elf’s shirt just as the sword swooped done right in front of his face.

Proceeding into the next room, after several rather unpleasant words by some of the party to Milo, we noted a rather large wooden statue bearing two shields. Using detect magic, I was certain that the rather obvious statue was a golem. With some discussion, and more than a little prodding, Milo stepped down the steps to see just what triggered the golem. Apparently, it was the space right below the steps for as soon as Milo stepped of the steps the golem stirred and began moving toward him. Aiden and Lillian’s attempts to strike at the golem did little in the way of damage and Elf’s attempts to use telepathy were of no use here. Noting the wooden nature of the golem, I thought it appropriate to cast a Fire Energy Missile upon the construct. As the Fire Missile struck it made a large scorch mark and we could tell that it had had an effect on the golem.

Unfortunately for Milo, it didn’t have that great of an effect because the golem proceeded to smash Milo with one of the shields it bore. Milo however managed to crawl rather sluggishly away. He looked up at us though and cast Aiden, whose idea it had been in the first place, a particularly heated look. As we struggled with the golem I cast another Fire Missile at the golem and it twisted around somewhat with the blow allowing Aiden to catch a glimpse of a key hole. He yelled at me and I tossed him the key at which point he lunged up on top of the golem and attempted to insert the key as Lillian and Bob tried to distract it. Aiden succeeded and the golem fell down with a thud. Walking over I took the key and returned it to my pouch.

The group moved on to the door which the golem had apparently been guarding. We opened it and inside we found some very nice items left for us by the preparers of the Crypt. Lillian received a nicely designed Longsword. Elf received a Crossbow. The others each received some sort of weapon as well. I could tell that each of the weapons was magically endowed, which might prove useful. As for me, I found a scroll left by Holgast which upon reading, magically endowed Ky’ceen with magical abilities like unto the others’ weapons. With these weapons in hand and our bodies tired from the days work, we decided to bunker down here in the room for the rest of the evening.

- from the Journal of Galadriel Ly’istrel


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